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Rev Dele

Natures Friends
Victoria, Virginia
Rev. Dele is a grandmother, theologian, visiting professor in permaculture, contemplative and social activist who uses her skills as a Climate Reality Leader and spiritual director to assist churches to model sustainability efforts in underserved communities. She serves as a grant making advisor for The Pollination Project, regional liaison for Green the Church, board member for Virginia Interfaith Power & Light and council member for the National Congress of Black American Indians.

Blending contemplation and permaculture design, Dele trains clergy, lay and college aged leaders in climate resilience in University and church settings. Her recent sustainability tour to Cuba resulted in an invitation by the Episcopal Diocese to return and train clergy in climate science and to conduct an ecology program which ends in installing a medicine mandala on the grounds of the Episcopal cathedral in downtown Havana. She is developing the mission enterprise called Soil & Souls to respond to this request and to support training mission leaders in underserved communities. Returning mission leaders will provide their service through the Green the Church network and have the opportunity to join other worker owners in the Soil & Souls cooperative.

Talk to me about sponsoring young activists to attend the "A Sustainable Race" retreat at the Franklinton Center in North Carolina, where we will use contemplative tools to refresh our Spirits and guide our problem solving for race relations, food justice and toxic waste issues. We are supporting spiritual community to sustain justice work.

Talk to me about investing in the Soil & Souls mission enterprise....Are you one of the 300 mission leaders we will train in Cuba next year?... Does your denomination want to host 10 mission leaders to work in an underserved faith community? SPEAK TO ME! ... Can your agency provide administrative support to dispatch 10 mission leaders at a time? Speak To Me!...Is your foundation willing to underwrite building an infrastructure for this global food sovereignty network? Speak To Me!

We invite you to help spread civil peace across the country... Contact wearenaturesfriends@gmail.com Come join this act of resilience!

Dele's vision is for all human souls to redeem and nurture the earth’s soil for climate resilience. If you agree, let's talk about how we can heal the land together... Blogs at www.revdele.com For further information or speaking engagements: (804) 389-5150